For the Mystery of You is Beyond Comprehension…


I want to share a huge breakthrough in my life recently, which I feel may be relevant to others too. For some months now I have been experiencing a mysterious draining of energy in general interaction among those of a resonant level of consciousness. Although this initially made me feel like withdrawing from interaction, I knew this was not the correct approach, and that what it was pointing to was something needing refining in myself. In order to get to the bottom of this, I have spent a period in temporary withdrawal from interaction as much as possible, to really try to get clarity on what life is pushing me to embody at this point on the journey.

What I realised was the following:

If there is truly only One Being in existence (which becomes very clear in resurrection as inner and outer realities merge), and if one is to live this highest truth for the purpose of enhancing all of life, then what that entails is the total and complete relinquishing of the illusion of “other” in every tiny little area of ordinary everyday life where it could possibly linger. Our relationships are the primary training ground for this, as this is the area where it is most easy to slip back into forgetting that there is only the Self, and it is the Self that we encounter directly in all things. In essence, that the game of relationship is a happy illusion.

For me, the patterns that have remained as residue from seeming aeons spent in a divided cosmos have been the desire to share or have a “shared experience”, the desire to belong (which is similar to the desire to have a shared experience), and the desire to be understood. All of these are patterns which bind one to illusion, and all them are thus draining to oneself, and so need to be shed at a certain point on the journey when we are ready to make the large evolutionary leap completely beyond the dream of separation.

The last area that this has had to be shed for me, and which I have held onto for dear life, is in interaction with those who I am closest to and who I consider to be my “spiritual peers” – those on a similar level with whom sharing and relating to has seemed completely natural, and with whom I have finally felt that I “belonged”. I have noticed over recent months, the self-effacing pattern of clinging to the illusion of belonging, in favour of being and expressing my fullness of unique, individual self, lest in doing so I may suddenly no longer be welcome among those who have accepted me in compensation. This is, of course, insane… when there is only me…

In truth, as we are all things and all things are within us, there is no need to explain, to “share”, or any such thing – there is only to live the highest truth of the moment in absolute all-inclusiveness of Being, which pivots all of life at once, and all changes – without any further action required. “Others” will spontaneously access needed insight, understanding that is required  by all for evolution will spontaneously be gained, and all of life will change. That is the truth of how powerful we are.

This is of course unless there is the genuine inspiration to explain or share, which is completely different to a need, and may arise spontaneously from seemingly nowhere and with no seeming reason… Inspiration, as it arises, is drawing potential directly from the Unknowable mystery of Infinite possibilities. 

The above powerful self-government of our environment doesn’t work in the same way if we try to maintain the illusion of an individual “small self” and “other”, but it does work if we embrace every tiny detail of our environment within the compassionate recognition of all as Self (larger self that is beyond personal identity). This perspective is no small feat to achieve (pun intended), but is our route to absolute liberation from any sense that we could possibly be subject to the tyranny of anything outside of ourselves – and that is the ultimate freedom.

That person in our environment who appears to be set in a certain way? That area that has remained in a fixed pattern for possibly decades? The moment we change in such an all-inclusive embrace of all of it as being us (larger Self), it or they must change too. Or if it is not to change, it must leave our reality. And if leaves our reality, it does not exist within the unique cosmos that we solely inhabit, and thus is of no concern to us.

A practical example of this would be as follows:

Let’s say we are working hard in our life to erase a particular pattern that we have exhibited for many years. This pattern might affect many areas of our life, for example, social interaction, work, close relationships, self-image… The very moment that we change that pattern in all-inclusive embrace of our environment as Self, it no longer exists in reality (our reality)!

If for example, however, we were then to try and go to explain to somebody (eg. a friend or partner) why we previously acted a certain way or had a certain pattern in place, we recreate it again. We put ourselves back into the illusion of a separated reality wherein there are “others”, and we leak the power we have just gained in releasing a stuck area of latent potential, causing ourselves to spiral backwards in awareness due to the loss of energy (energy and awareness equate).

This is because the moment we change, the past no longer exists. We change everything in the present, and with that, our future also changes (despite what the previous moment might have looked like). Imagine that something that may have been a feature in our lives for maybe decades suddenly no longer exists! Others will also no longer remember it existed, because within the fabric of life we have just erased it. That is how powerful we truly are. It is vital that we do not try to explain away our highest perception, instead, we must trust that as we remove illusion in ourselves, it no longer exists in cosmic life.

The paradoxical truth is that we each uniquely embody our own reality, yet all of this is the Self… We are never truly alone as we contain all things, yet we can never truly share the utterly unique perspective of another. At most, we can glimpse through their eyes a snapshot of eternity, and in that moment, our “shared” experience is one of our shared divinity. Such an experience is the greatest treasure, and can only be grasped when we are utterly ourselves unapologetically, unmasked, nakedly, and in our nakedness, utterly prepared to be seen…mutually.

For the mystery of you cannot be comprehended, don’t try to explain it away to anyone… You are an unfathomable, incomparable Being of Eternity.




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  1. Thank you. Beautifully expressed as always.
    Now, i know this to be true as I’ve had it revealed to me and lived it but not totally on an on going basis. Something comes up and i crash. I really like how you talked about belonging and community etc as that is a weak spot for me. I will read this again and again and let it sink in. Bless you.

  2. Thank you Ciara – Honoured 🙂

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